Race Registration


Instructions for each race are written below.  The registration fee schedule appears near the bottom of this page, including details about the fundraising option to have your registration fee waived or refunded.  Note: minimum age to compete in all races is sixteen (16).  Any runner in the individual races under the age of twenty one (21) MUST have a personal support crew for the entire race.


To register for the individual races, click on the appropriate button below and complete the questionnaire.  Be sure to read and initial the liability waiver.  Please indicate whether you intend to compete with or without a support crew, and about your plans, if any, for staying in hotels while in the Keys. The last "page" is checkout.  Pay the race entry and the process is done.  You will receive a confirmation email after successfully completing registration.
 (Note: all support crew MUST "register" as volunteers using the link on the "Volunteers" web page.)




To create a new team, the Team Captain will follow these steps:

  1   Click on the "Create a 100 Mile Relay Team" button below
  2   Create a personal "account" with RaceIt!, our online registration vendor.  This will allow the Captain to access team information later, and invite other runners to join the team and make changes to team name or members.
  3   Enter your Team Name.  (This may be changed at a later date.)
  4   Select your Competition category—i.e., Mixed M/F, all male, all female, masters (all Team Members are over 40) or Clydesdale/Athena (at least 4 Team Members must meet the standard: Clydesdale must be at least 200 pounds, Athena must be at least 150 pounds).  In addition to this selection, there is a separate Military team competition.  Any team with at least four members who are active duty, reservists or veterans may compete and should check the appropriate "Military Team" box on the regsitration page.
  5   Create a team password
  6   As Captain, enter your information to register as the first Member of the new team. If you will NOT be racing, you must register at least one team member at this time in order for the team registration to be complete and "official".
  7   The "Manage Your Existing Team" screen will appear. Here, you may send invitational emails to prospective Team Members if you wish, and/or do that later.  You may also change the team name, competition category or team password, now or at a later date.
  8   Checkout and pay the full team registration fee


Inviting "Members" to join the Team:
  1   While creating the new team (described above), the Captain will view the "Manage your existing Team" page, and be given the option there to "invite" people to join the team by sending them the available email.  That email message automatically includes a link to the registration page for the new Member to complete.  (Each runner must know the team name in order to register.) The Captain does NOT have to invite people to join at this time, and will have the option to invite others later.
  2   The Captain will be able to send a similar invitational email to others at any time after creating the team by accessing the "Manage your existing Team" function described more fully below.
  3   As an alternative to receiving an e-mail invitation to join the team, runners who are given the team password may join the team by clicking on the "Join an existing team" button below, typing the password, clicking on the team name from a drop-down list and completing the screens.


Each team with one or more team members residing within 50 miles of any point along the coursemust provide a race volunteer to be available on race weekend for a minimum of four (4) hours. Multiple volunteers may cover that time commitment. Online Volunteer Registration is required, and the process allows volunteers to select the position and time slot they prefer--first come, first served.  ALL TEAMS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A VOLUNTEER MUST DO SO NO LATER THAN MAY 1, 2015, OR WILL BE REQUIRED TO DONATE $100 IN ADVANCE OF THE RACE TO THE "CANCER FOUNDATION OF THE FLORIDA KEYS".  DOING NEITHER WILL MAKE THE TEAM INELIGIBLE FOR RACE AWARDS.  Do your fair share in support of the race: identify your team volunteer and ask him/her to register before May 1st.

MANAGE YOUR EXISTING TEAM --for Team Captains Only
Having created a RaceIt! account at the beginning of the team creation process, Captains will have the following tools available by clicking on the "Manage your existing Team" button below and typing their RaceIt! ID and password:

1   Send email invitations to people to join the team
2   Change team name
3   Delete incomplete team registrations.  Teams are limited to six registrants and incomplete registrations are included in the count.
4   Change the competition category—for example, all female to co-ed category
5   (Coming soon) Delete fully registered team members if necessary**
6   (Coming soon) Directly email all registered team member


**Note to Captains: Substitution of registered team members is permitted. "Old" runner must be removed from the team roster to make room for the new member.  Substitute runners must also complete the online registration process. Any team changes made after May 1, 2015 will be subject to a $25.00 charge for each change made.

Team Member: Each runner must individually register to become a team member.

After the Captain has created the new team, each team member will be invited to join and must register individually.
  1   Team Captain sends an invitational email to the prospective Member.  The recipient clicks on the link included in the email, chooses the team name from a drop-down list and completes the registration screens. Or,
  2   The Captain gives the team password to a runner. This prospective Member clicks on the "Join an existing team" button below, types the password, chooses the team name from a drop-down list and completes the individual registration screens.
  3   Registration fee: Member pays his/her share of the team registration fee directly to the Team Captain

(Please obtain the Team password from your Captain)

Every participant in the race, including runners, race volunteers and support crew, must complete the online registration process.  Go to the "Volunteers" page, click on the "Sign-up" button and follow the prompts.


100 Mile Individual Race  
Registration received through January 31, 2015 $205
Registration received through April 21, 2015 $240
Registration received through May 11, 2015 $265
50 Mile Individual Race  
Registration received through January 31, 2015 $175
Registration received through April 21, 2015 $200
Registration received through May 11, 2015 $240
50 Kilometer Individual Race  
Registration received through January 31, 2015 $125
Registration received through April 21, 2015 $150
Registration received through May 11, 2015 $175
100 Mile Six Runner Team Relay  
Registration received through January 31, 2015 $660
Registration received through April 15, 2015 $720
Registration received through May 11, 2015 $780

20% off published Registration fee for that time period!
High School and College teams (At least 5 team members must be current students)
Military teams (At least 5 team members must be on active duty)
First Responder teams (At least 5 team members must be in category)
Active Duty Military and First Responders running the individual races

Those eligible must contact the Race Director prior to registering to obtain a discount code.

After May 1: $25 each change

Full refund through March 15, 2015
No refunds after March 15, 2015
No deferrals to future races

Racing in the Florida Keys is a lot of fun, but the cause of beating cancer is as serious as it gets and is an important component of the KEYS100. In that spirit, any runner in the individual competitions, or team in the relay race, that delivers paid donations to the "Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys" in an amount at least equal to three (3) times their paid registration fee will have their fee refunded in full. For example: a team that registered before midnight, January 31, paid a team entry fee of $660. If that team delivers paid donations of at least $1,980 prior to race day (that's 3 times the paid $660 registration fee), the entire $660 race registration fee will be refunded. Similarly, an individual 100-miler who registered prior to midnight on January 31 paid an entry fee of $205. If that runner raises at least $615 in paid donations by race day, his/her paid fee of $205 will be refunded in full.

Additional shirts: Included in the registration fee is a race shirt for each runner.  These will be distributed at pre-race check-in.  Registered runners who are interested in buying additional shirts will have the option to do so at pre-race check-in on.  

Charitable giving and fundraising: The KEYS100 strongly encourages charitable giving.  As a convenience, runners may make a donation at time of registration should they choose to do so.